Business Coaching and Mentoring

As an entrepreneur you can face challenges with :

Managing cash flow, securing funding, and handling financial resources effectively are ongoing challenges. Many businesses struggle with budgeting, securing loans, or finding investors.

Dealing with competition is constant. Staying ahead in a crowded market, differentiating your product or service, and retaining customers in the face of alternatives are major challenges.

Finding skilled employees, retaining top talent, and fostering a positive work culture are critical but challenging aspects of business growth. High turnover rates can disrupt operations and impact productivity.

Growing your business is a 24/7 task and you feel ultimately responsible for your employees and clients. Time management and task delegation can become essential if one wants to protect their private life as well.

As a business grows, scaling operations efficiently becomes crucial. Managing increased demand while maintaining quality, expanding teams, and ensuring consistent delivery can be tough.

Embracing and leveraging new technologies while staying relevant and competitive can be a daunting task. Businesses often need to invest in technological upgrades or digital transformations to keep up with evolving trends.

Business coaching and mentoring will help you with :

As a coach I can help you clarify your goals, align them with your values, and create actionable plans to reach them, defining a clear vision and breaking it down into achievable steps.

You often juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities and may stray from your plan. As a coach I provide accountability, ensuring you stay on track with your goals, and offer motivation during challenging times.

I can identify areas where you may need to develop your skills further, whether in leadership, time management, communication, or other crucial entrepreneurial skills.

You face numerous decisions daily. I can provide a sounding board for ideas, aiding in better decision-making processes by offering perspectives, insights, and unbiased feedback.

Entrepreneurship is full of obstacles. I can assist in overcoming challenges by helping you tap into your resources, bypassing your limiting beliefs, providing guidance, strategies, and support to navigate through difficult situations.

Beyond business success, I often focus on your personal growth, helping you find a balance between work and personal life, fostering overall well-being.

Why me?

Business versed

During my 27 years of banking I have analyzed and financed  hundreds of businesses across multiple sectors, and worked with successful Entrepreneurs, CEOs and board members

Wide transactional experience

I have worked on multiple day to day , operational and strategic transactions including Capital Expenditure projects, Greenfields / Brownfields, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Experienced business coach

Since 2018 I have successfully coached multiple entrepreneurs, C Suite members and middle management employees. 

First hand entrepreneur experience

I have been a founding shareholder in a financial services startup, that I co-founded, grew and successfully sold.

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