Personal Development

You personal development is the path to your better self, an enriching journey that involves introspection, growth, and continuous learning, but also challenges with:

Setting meaningful, achievable goals and staying motivated throughout the journey toward them can be challenging without the right guidance.

Understanding one's values, aspirations, and strengths can be a daunting task, often requiring guidance for self-discovery.

Breaking free from self-imposed limitations or negative beliefs that hold us back from reaching our full potential is often a significant hurdle.

Coping with stress and setbacks while maintaining resilience and a positive mindset is crucial for personal growth.

Developing confidence and self-assurance to take on new challenges and step outside comfort zones is an ongoing process for many.

Balancing various aspects of life—work, family, personal goals—can be overwhelming and requires effective time management skills.

Coaching and mentoring will help you with :

Coaching helps in gaining clarity about one's strengths, values, and aspirations, fostering a deeper understanding of oneself.

As a coach, I will  assist in setting clear, achievable goals and developing action plans to make consistent progress toward them.

I can provide support in identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs or obstacles, guiding you toward personal breakthroughs.

You often juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities and may stray from your plan. As a coach I provide accountability, ensuring you stay on track with your goals, and offer motivation during challenging times.

Learning stress management techniques and fostering resilience are essential benefits of coaching for personal development.

Through personalized strategies and encouragement, I can help you in overcoming your limiting beliefs, building confidence and getting a positive self-image.

Why me?

Passionate learner

I am passionate for personal development, continuous learning and growth, having reinvented my career through coaching and individual study.

Lifelong Mentor

Certified mentor and participated in multiple internal and external mentorship programs, for both employees and students.

Experienced coach

Since 2018 I have successfully coached multiple individuals through difficult situations, entrepreneurs, C Suite members and middle management employees. 

Deep career growth expertise

In my 17 years of people management, I have worked with multiple teams and successfully managed multiple departments, fostering independent and mature teams

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