Executive Coaching

As an Executive Director you may face challenges with :

Executives deal with multifaceted decisions that involve risks, uncertainties, and the need to navigate through heaps of information. These decisions have a significant impact on the company's future, making it a constant challenge.

Managing a team isn't just about coordinating tasks. It involves understanding and aligning diverse perspectives, motivations, and personalities toward a common goal. Creating a collaborative and supportive environment requires ongoing effort and empathy.

Executives are the face of the company and need to build strong relationships with various stakeholders. This involves not only communicating effectively but also understanding and meeting diverse needs and expectations.

The demanding nature of an executive role often blurs the boundaries between professional and personal life. Finding equilibrium between the two realms is a continual struggle, impacting overall well-being.

Continuous self-improvement is a cornerstone of effective leadership. However, in the hustle of daily responsibilities, finding time for personal growth and development can be challenging without guidance and dedicated support.

The business landscape evolves rapidly due to technological advancements, market fluctuations, and societal shifts. Executives must stay agile and flexible to adapt, ensuring the company stays competitive.

The Executive Coaching will help you with :

As a coach I can help you clarify your goals, align them with your values, and create actionable plans to reach them, defining a clear vision and breaking it down into achievable steps.

As a coach, I focus on sharpening your leadership skills, empowering you to inspire and guide your teams more effectively.

I work with you to identify areas for improvement, leading to enhanced overall performance and productivity.

I equip you with tools to manage stress, promoting resilience and fostering a healthier work-life balance.

Through coaching, I refine your communication skills, fostering better relationships and collaborations within teams and with stakeholders.

Beyond business success, I often focus on your personal growth, helping you find a balance between work and personal life, fostering overall well-being.

Why me?

Experienced Former Executive

I have been an Executive Director for 12 years, CEO-1, part of the Management Board and all main operating committees of the local branch of a Global Financial Institution.

Wide transactional experience

I have worked on multiple day to day , operational and strategic transactions including Capital Expenditure projects, Greenfields / Brownfields, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Experienced business coach

Since 2018 I have successfully coached multiple entrepreneurs, C Suite members and middle management employees.¬†¬

Wide Industry experience

During my 27 years of banking I have analyzed and financed  hundreds of businesses across multiple sectors, and worked with successful Entrepreneurs, CEOs and board members

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