Career Coaching

As an employee looking to accelerate your career trajectory you face challenges with :

Identifying goals, charting a career trajectory, and making strategic moves amidst uncertainty can be daunting without proper guidance.

Continuous upskilling and staying relevant in a rapidly evolving job market are crucial for career advancement and sustainability.

From entry-level positions to leadership roles, each career stage demands a different skill set and mindset, often requiring guidance for a smooth transition.

Balancing career aspirations with personal commitments while maintaining mental well-being becomes increasingly challenging.

Facing setbacks, dealing with imposter syndrome, or navigating office politics can hinder progress and confidence.

Building a robust professional network and establishing visibility within your industry or field can be a challenge, especially if you're not sure where to start.

Career coaching will help you with :

Together, we can delve into your aspirations, skills, and values, creating a clear roadmap for your career journey. We will devise concrete steps to move ahead and ways to hold you on track to progress.

I can assist you in crafting personalized networking strategies to expand your connections and enhance your visibility in your field, by mapping the various shareholders and the best ways to maximize your perceived value.

I can help you identify skill gaps and create tailored plans to bridge them through training, mentoring, or experiential learning.

I can provide support, feedback, and tools to address limitative beliefs and develop the confidence needed to seize new opportunities.

I can offer guidance and resources to navigate transitions smoothly, whether it's a role change, industry shift, or career advancement.

Beyond career success, I often focus on your personal growth, helping you find a balance between work and personal life, fostering overall well-being.

Why me?

Experienced people manager

In my 17 years of people management, I have worked with multiple teams and successfully managed multiple departments, fostering independent and mature teams¬

Lifelong Mentor

Certified mentor and participated in multiple internal and external mentorship programs, for both employees and students.

Versed personal coach

Since 2018 I have successfully coached multiple entrepreneurs, C Suite members and middle management employees.¬†¬

Deep knowledge of the corporate world

During my 27 years of banking career I have acquired a deep understanding of the various corporate cultures.

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